Our Process - Breeze (IT) Limited


Gather system requirements, generate prototypes and wireframes.


Build and assemble the system components and features.


Put developed software up on a server, rinse and repeat...

How we do things

Breeze are specialists in the development of bespoke software and database solutions, delivering applications to meet the individual needs of our clients, together with effective management information and reporting systems and mobile applications for mobile devices.

We develop bespoke software solutions for projects of all sizes, whether small or medium sized businesses or large public sector organisations.

We work closely with clients to fully understand their needs before embarking on any development project, resulting in a strong understanding of existing business processes, understanding of future business needs and what the proposed development needs to achieve.

Typically a Breeze development programme will involve a number of core processes.

Business & Systems Analysis

Before any development work begins, our experienced business and systems analysts work closely with clients to clearly understand what the required outcomes and deliverables should be, including related quality measures (e.g. KPIs or tangible objectives). The analysis phase will involve visual workflow mapping and entity relationship modelling, providing a robust framework for the project requirements.

Requirements Gathering

It might seem that we ask a lot of questions (and bear with us whilst we do), but we would rather avoid making assumptions. This is an important step to ensure our team fully understands our clients' business and what needs to be achieved across a range of different requirements:

  • Business requirements
  • Functional requirements
  • User requirements
  • Quality of Service requirements

System Specification

As with any software development process, the system specification captures all the individual elements and dependencies identified during the analysis and requirements gathering phase. In order to streamline the development process, we map all necessary requirements for the project, producing a comprehensive system specification for the proposed software development project.

Development & Testing

From the initial specification, the development phase begins, resulting in a first phase functional prototype to demonstrate how the proposed software solution will function. We run stringent tests throughout the lifecycle of all our bespoke software development projects and we always allow sufficient time and scope for user acceptance testing prior to any project going live.

We strongly consider end-user needs at all stages during the development phase and enable our clients the flexibility to explore their own needs during the build of their bespoke database application; allowing us to combine complexity and efficiency with ease of use. We often find that during the life of the project development that we were able to help clients refine many of their businesses processes which quickly result in a number of significant efficiency gains.

Deployment, on-going technical support and hosting

Once the test phase of each project has been completed, full training is provided for the client and once launched; we are always on hand for those more complex projects that need ongoing technical support or further developments at any point in the future.

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