Case Study - Leeds Federated Origin2CX

Leeds Federated Housing Association

Leeds Federated Housing Association (LFHA) was formed in 1974 by a number of smaller associations coming together to form a 'federation' for the benefit of the community. The idea was that by working together they could achieve more than being separate organisations.


Following the successful launch of Origin2 in May 2021, breeze was again commissioned by LFHA to work on the second major chapter of Origin2’s development in April 2022. This phase involved assisting in LFHA’s transition from Civica’s Universal Housing (UH) product to their latest ‘CX’ offering. The project was split into two key areas of work.

As with phase one of this project, the enormity of this phase led to several of breeze's multi-disciplined team engaging with LFHA's to provide business & data analysis, research, development and project management resources. This helped LFHA save on large-scale project costs and reduced delivery timescales by having the knowledge and expertise they needed from day one.

1. Integration with CX

  • Migrating any necessary data held in UH into Origin2
  • ‘Rewiring’ logic that interrogated data from UH to either CX or Origin2, such as:
    • Asset data
    • Customer account information
    • Rent transaction data
  • Re-working certain business processes to work in a more ‘CX friendly’ way. E.g. the lettings side of the product and the ability to raise ‘non-standard lets’ (e.g. garage or scooter area lets)
  • Pushing new contacts, 'contact groups' and tenancies* into CX (via CX’s suite of API’s)

*Civica CX’s suite of API’s did not include the ability to raise tenancies at the point of us working on this project. This API was added by Civica as a bespoke piece of work for LFHA.

2. Integration with Asprey's Asset Management System

Breeze worked with Asprey to achieve the following seamless integration between Origin2 and Asprey AMS:

  • Breeze developed an API allowing Asprey to pull property data from Civica CX and upload documents directly into Docuware.
  • Asprey developed an API allowing Breeze to retrieve component asbestos, servicing and planned maintenance details to surface from within Origin2 and include on works order details for contractors.

3. A new (and unique!) repairs system

A brand-new bespoke repairs system offering comprehensive levels of configuration that’s built directly into Origin2 and its accompanying Android app.

The repairs module was a massive undertaking, which included (but is not limited to) the following areas of functionality:

  • Supplier and Contract Management
  • SOR Configuration and 'version control' so that Leeds Fed can work with suppliers who use different versions of the NHF's SOR
  • Works Order creation and variations
  • Creation and importing of worksorder XML files to allow two-way integration with various suppliers systems
  • Integration with Docuware for invoicing purposes
  • SAF file creation for Civica's SUN Finance system

Origin2CX launched on the 5th April 2023 to coincide with their new financial year and has continued to play an instrumental role in LFHA’s daily operations.

Curious to learn more...?

We're always happy to talk. If you'd like to hear more on our endeavours in helping Leeds Federated follow their own path without constraining themselves to sector orthodoxy, feel free to get in touch.

I know that Breeze put an unbelievable amount of work into Origin2. It's a great system. I'm regularly told that by new starters because they really like the intuitive UI and find it very easy to get up and running.
Stephen Blundell, Director of Operations - Leeds Federated Housing Association