Case Study - Breeze (IT) Limited


Headway is a UK-wide charity that works to improve life after brain injury by providing vital support and information services. It has a network of groups and branches across the UK providing a wide range of services including rehabilitation programmes, carer support, social re-integration, community outreach and respite care to survivors and families in their own communities.

Breeze has worked with two local branches based in Nottingham and Leicester affiliated with Headway UK to provide them each with a web-based Client Management System so they can record critical information and track progress related to each client during their relationship with them. Through the beauty of bespoke software, each branch has its own version of the software to cater for the subtle differences they each have in delivering their service.

A recent revamp of both versions has allowed us to modernise the user interface and make some well received refinements to the system reflecting changes in conformance and simple evolution of their internal processes.