Case Study - More Than Loft Ladders

More Than Loft Ladders

MTLL is a furnishings and home improvement business in a thriving franchise.

More Than Loft Ladders (MTLL) is a franchised business concerned with the installation of loft ladders and hatches (and more!), who operate regionally across the UK.

We started working with MTLL to develop a CRM system when it became clear to them that their existing solution was becoming a growth limiting factor with their ever-increasing volume of jobs. The old system was just proving to be too clunky, unintuitive, unreliable and generally not fit for purpose.

The initial solution developed by Breeze which was effectively a minimum viable product with a few bells and whistles that focussed on job and franchisee management went live in 2022 and has helped transform the business.

Since going live, we have been working continually with MTLL to enhance and streamline the comprehensive management and functional processes; getting into levels of detail and refinement that just wouldn’t be possible with an off-the-shelf system that includes integrations with the likes of Checkatrade and TrustATrader.

For confidentiality reasons we cannot go into any detail, but suffice to say that users across the business see just the information that is relevant to them, at the point when it is needed and optimised to display on the device they are using and customers are kept informed with a comprehensive suite of action-based and time-based messages via email and SMS.

The hidden gem with this project and every intuitively focussed bespoke Breeze front end is that behind it is an expertly designed database containing your data, easily accessible for providing a wealth of management information to use to drive your business even further forward.

The upshot here is that there are thousands of businesses out there, maybe yours, of a comparable size to MTLL that have similar problems to solve and who probably think that trying to squeeze their processes into generic off-the-shelf solutions is their only recourse and that bespoke would be too costly. This project and several others we have undertaken over the years are evidence that this is, most emphatically not the case.

Working with Breeze is a breeze, they understand what businesses need with a CRM which makes explaining things as a non-techy like me to them very easy, they instantly know what we require and can easily implement it. They have a very flexible approach to working so they cope with my many changes of mind/direction very well. Our CRM allows our franchise partners to concentrate fully on running their day-to-day operations without having to worry about following up quotes or reminding customers of appointments as this is all automated for them. From a franchisors point of view it is fantastic to be able to keep track of how everyone is doing and have all our invoicing through one system.
The biggest thing I have learnt from Scott and the team at Breeze is that ‘anything is possible’.
Liam Hobbs, Owner & Director - More Than Loft Ladders