Case Study - Bulldog Security

Bulldog Security

Bulldog Security are specialists in the planning and installation of the latest home alarm system equipment utilising advanced wireless technology. Based in Nottingham, Bulldog Security operate nationwide. Clients benefit from state of the art 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, monitored security systems tailored to their individual requirements, whether it be from the threat of burglary, fire or the need of medical attention.

Taking a spreadsheet to the next level...

Like so many growing organisations they needed a system to replace their spreadsheets they used to track their leads through to installation and subsequent maintenance, that could no longer cope with their volumes of information.

Unlike most organisations however, Bulldog had a very clear idea what they wanted out of their system, and whilst there were packages available that were close to a business fit, all would require unacceptable compromises by having to change their processes to fit the software.

The Results

Although we would argue, many would say that Bulldog made a brave decision to go bespoke, but now that it is up and running, they are reaping the rewards with a web based system that precisely compliments and adds value to their workflow, is flexible where they need it to be, applies rigid rules where appropriate, 'talks in their language' and reports precisely what they want when they want it – very efficient, no waste, minimal complexity and importantly they have a system that is capable of evolving as their processes evolves.

We have used Breeze IT to build a database of our expanding clientele and we are extremely happy with the results. Due to their understanding of our needs and building a workable database to our specifications, our day to day running of the business is running more smoothly than ever before. Breeze are always there to assist us if we have any queries and are always happy to help. We are more than happy to recommend them to any business looking for help with their IT solutions.
Samantha Severn - Bulldog Security Ltd