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  • Breeze provide only what you need, when you need it. See how our clients have benefitted.

    Our goal is to help your business by reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

    We provide only what you need, when you need it. See how our clients have benefitted.


We develop bespoke software solutions for projects of all sizes, across many different industries. We work closely with clients to fully understand their needs before embarking on any development project, resulting in a strong understanding of existing business processes, understanding of future business needs and what the proposed development needs to achieve.

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Housing Associations bespoke software and database solutions


Our bespoke software solutions have been an integral part at helping non-profit making organisations like housing associations continue to be committed to building futures and delivering a high level of service by keeping the business efficient.

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Growing Crop... Growing Business! Agricultural & Farming bespoke software and database solutions


Growing Crop... Growing Business! Breeze has designed databases that provide flexibility as well as being a robust solution to manage growing agricultural businesses and their processes. These also include bespoke reporting systems that deliver management information quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

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Business Support & Research bespoke software and database solutions


Breeze are specialists in the development of business information systems and data presentation tools. Users can access a reliable source of information and intelligence, gathering and presenting data using various tools including interactive mapping and a wide selection of reports, analysis and further information.

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Sports & leisure bespoke software and database solutions


We are known to be a sporty bunch ourselves and we welcome the opportunity to work closely with sports organisations to deliver increasingly robust platforms to enable more effective communication with players and greatly enhance existing administration processes.

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