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  • Bespoke Software - fits your business perfectly and doesn’t mean expensive...

    Your business will be in better shape with a software solution that fits, why try to squeeze into an off-the-shelf solution which only fits half your needs...

  • Bespoke Software - the clever choice for smarter organisations...

    Smart organisations think more cleverly when it comes to choosing software for their business – they know that well designed bespoke software will work for them, not against them...

  • Bespoke Software - designed to work the way your business works...

    Expertly designed to work the way your business works, why struggle with off-the-shelf alternatives that only seem to work against you...

Bespoke Software

All businesses operate differently which very often means their software needs are different too.  Expertly designed, we deliver tailor made software solutions that do the job better than off-the-shelf alternatives because they are designed to work the way your business works. Breeze offers unbeatable value for money in terms of the quality and cost effectiveness of the bespoke software solutions that we create for our clients.


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Leeds Federated Housing Associations CRM Tenant Database

"I have found Breeze very good at getting involved with the numerous developments we’ve done in the last five years. Specifically their ability to help guide the functional specification in order to deliver a system that is fit for its purpose. For example the latest project CRM developed in Silverlight is a great example where numerous idea from Breeze helped the system to become really successful. The level of success here is reflected by what the users of the system say.

The after sales support is second to none. Any issues are being resolved usually pretty much immediately after the call is logged and because the support is provided by the people who wrote the software, there are no knowledge gaps and or delays in either fixing the problem or rolling back to a previous version. Upgrades are usually completed outside of “core” working hours at no extra cost, thus reducing system down time.

Breeze are a professional software development company and I would be only happy to recommend their services to anyone who is looking for a solid software business solution."

Lukas Bisek, IT Manager - Leeds Federated Housing Association View Case Study

Leeds Federated Housing Association CRM Tenant Database


Providing around 4,000 homes in Leeds, Harrogate and Wakefield requires LFHA to be disciplined and focused on customer service. Our bespoke developments have had a dramatic positive effect in helping LFHA achieve their targets.

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TDX Group's Bespoke Debt Collection Portal


TDX recognised the benefits of developing a solution which they could offer to debt collection clients allowing debtors to pay their money owing online.

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