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    We provide only what you need, when you need it. See how our clients have benefitted.

Sustain UK - A Home For Life

Sustain UK are a Not For Profit Registered organisation based in Birmingham who provide approved supported accommodation for vulnerable adults.

In what is becoming a typical scenario for us, Sustain were experiencing significant problems trying to run their growing business through a series of spreadsheets and were looking for a system to improve the efficiency of their operations and provide them with reliable, accurate information in a format that supports the way they work.

In a nutshell Sustain were looking for an intuitive, easy to use interface to manage their property and tenant information including document management and a facility to record contact history with landlords and tenants.

Sustain considered a number of off the shelf options but couldn’t find anything   that wouldn’t require them to alter their processes to an unacceptable degree and which weren’t clogged up with superfluous functionality.

Sustain knew precisely what they wanted and that’s exactly what they got with   their bespoke system from Breeze.

The Breeze solution is a secure web based application with a SQL Server database and a front end developed using the Bootstrap framework.  The result is a clean and clear user interface that provides users with an extremely efficient ‘visual’ platform to manage the key elements of their business.  Being their system they are completely in control of the functionality it provides should their processes evolve or they want to expand it to cover additional areas of the business.

To find out more about Sustain UK, visit their website by clicking here.


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