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The Golfing Union of Ireland

Leinster Elite Golf

The Golfing Union of Ireland (GUI), founded in 1891, is the National Administrative Authority for Men’s amateur golf in Ireland.

The GUI is made up of four Provinces with four Branch offices: Connacht, Leinster, Munster and Ulster

Effective Communication and Management

The Leinster Branch recognised the challenges presented by the distance between Players and Coaches and needed an effective method of addressing the geographical divide to enhance their channels of communication.

Leinster required an online system that would allow Players and Coaches to communicate easily and securely with one another, with the capability to upload and share instructional videos between users so that lessons could be undertaken remotely.

The Leinster Branch also identified the opportunity for further development of their online services to enhance the management of their administrative functions which specifically supported the day to day running of their Elite Golf programmes.

Our Approach

Breeze IT were awarded the contract to develop a new website for Leinster Elite Golf, together with an accompanying Mobile App to support the management of their Elite Golf Programme.

Enjoying a game of golf ourselves...we welcomed this opportunity to work closely with Leinster and throughout all stages of the project our aim was to deliver a robust platform to enable more effective communication and build a secure Mobile service to enhance their administration processes.

The Results

The new Leinster Elite Golf website was successfully launched to provide a wealth of useful information and resources for Players, together with a secure online platform to facilitate greater communication between Players and Coaches.

The new website was launched to include a secure area for Players which incorporates a comprehensive library of instructional videos, access to the Coaching Library and a wealth of other useful resources, together with the opportunity for Players to interact and more effectively communicate with Coaches.

The new ‘back-end’ system provides Leinster Elite Golf with a secure platform to effectively administer:

  • Player record management (contact details, home club, handicap etc)
  • Panel management (which Players belong to which Panel)
  • Squad selection (accurate scoring and handicap data is retrieved from Golfnet on a daily basis)
  • Communication tools (email and SMS)
  • Video management

Leinster Elite Golf -

Developed by Breeze IT